Helping Communities and Organizations with Issues of Crisis and Trauma

The impact of issues like violence, trauma and suicide can have powerful and lasting effects on those involved. CTRI's services are designed to help individuals, caregivers, communities and organizations prevent and cope with unfortunate and distressing events.

Following are examples of how CTRI has assisted communities and organizations:

  • An agency who works with volatile clients asked CTRI to train their staff in De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™.
  • Staff of a service agency became overwhelmed by the increased trauma and crisis faced in their workload. CTRI was asked to facilitate a Critical Incident Group Debriefing (CIGD) session and give a training in Wellness Strategies for the Helping Professional.
  • A First Nation Community asked CTRI to assist them in facilitating a process to design a Crisis Response Team and Plan and a Suicide Prevention Plan for their community.
  • A school division invited CTRI to train their guidance counsellors and principals in Crisis Response Planning.
  • An organization struggling with conflict and instability within a team utilized CTRI's Mediation - Conflict Resolution services.